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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip young women who have aged out of foster care to live with purpose and freedom.

We believe everyone is uniquely created with value, and designed to live with purpose. Our circumstances do not determine our future. We are defined by our redemption, not our past.

Support Them Now


At Oh Lord Help Us we know that young women who have aged out of foster care want to be thriving adults. In order to do that, they need support to be self-sustaining and to develop healthy relationships. The problem is they were set up for failure which can make them feel inadequate to overcome obstacles.

We believe no one’s past should trap them in a future they don’t want. We understand these young women are navigating difficult circumstances while feeling alone which is why we offer a place where they can feel safe and become the person they want to be.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We offer Employment and Community Opportunities through the Hope + Vine shop and the Inspiring Hope support group.
  2. Through authentic relationships, they receive mentorship and the support they need.
  3. They gain the tools to become confident adults

So, we invite you to support a young woman now. And we hope you will connect with us to learn ways you can make an impact. These young women don’t have to remain trapped in the cycle of trauma. Instead, with your support, they can find the freedom to thrive.


Rachael Smith - Executive Director
Kim Sylvia - Director of Operations
Daria Beddard - Marketing
Emily Pulley - Retail


Vicci Elder – Board President
Tamara Brooks – Vice President
Joan Wilkinson – Treasurer
Jennifer Herbert – Secretary
Cathy Easop
Hope Anderson